Regular evaluation and monitoring help the Varina medical staff ensure the healthiest lifestyle possible for your pet. Identifying problems early significantly improves the ability to cure and/or manage many disease conditions. Consultations with our medical staff will help you understand how lifestyle choices can affect physical health and behavior trends in your pet.


Although they can not communicate pain verbally, animals can experience discomfort. We are dedicated to offering the latest technology and therapies to minimize all discomfort associated with procedures, illness, and trauma. Our Laser Therapy for pain management helps promote healing and alleviate discomfort associated with inflammation, chronic arthritis, surgical incisions and trauma related injuries.

Discussing the process and explaining how the day will unfold for your pet will help to alleviate any anxiety you may have about an upcoming procedure. Every pet and every procedure is different, but the level of care is the same for each pet. Your pet will be monitored all day by our team for comfort and safety, and of course given affection to help keep their stress to a minimum. Our anesthetic monitoring is state of the art as we combine both the top of the line equipment with old-fashioned, hands-on monitoring by a nurse. Your pet’s post surgery care is a combination of constant monitoring, keeping warm and great attention to pain control.

​Our professional staff will sit down and talk with you regarding the selection of a new pet and any challenges or concerns you may encounter when making such an important decision. Once you have added a new member to your family, we can provide grooming services to help them look their best. And while you’re away, our dedicated staff will ensure that your pet is well cared for at our boarding facility.

Varina Veterinary Clinic